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Earn Easy Money And Free Deals On Freepion

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A membership with offers on holidays, electronic goods, movie tickets, gift cards, dinner… ok, what’s not to like about any of those? Most of us will engage a little advertising in the name of… all free? Gentleman, you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention. What exactly is Freepion all about? is a website that gives members the opportunity to earn free deals by completing easy online tasks related to marketing campaigns. Be one of the first to earn point totals – share with friends to reach point totals the quickest – and enjoy free deals.





Currently, the website features a $50 gift card to Amazon and $30 cash ready to plunk into your PayPal account. To sang these prizes, visitors must first sign up to become Freepion members. Once registered, members finish tasks listed in the “Task Box” to earn points. Then members simply need to cross the threshold of required points first to claim free deals.


In the instance of the $50 free Amazon gift card, the first 3 members to accumulate 3,200 points will do a little online shopping thanks to Freepion. Accomplishing a task such as watching a Game of Thrones (Season 3) trailer and then reporting the date that the series resumes is worth 100 points. Tasks are kept simple and pleasurable to make earning points painless.





Sharing promotional campaigns with friends is worth an additional 100 points. Obviously, the more you share, the more points you earn. Points earned through sharing may be transferred toward the total for individual free deals (each deal specifies a different limit of transferred points allowed).


Members are up against a time clock to accomplish tasks, which adds a little extra incentive to play along with the gamified advertising. Free stuff is usually all the encouragement we need, but some friendly competition and time constraints to quicken the blood never hurt.





While members benefit from the opportunity to score deals, Freepion affords advertisers a fun means to introduce campaigns, promote brands, and further engage customers. Inviting Freepion members to accomplish tasks is an efficient and cost-effective way to reinforce online advertising materiel already developed.


Freepion launched March 3rd, 2013. As membership grows, the pot will sweeten for everyone. Participating companies will delight in increased exposure and members will earn even better deals. After Freepion attracts its first 100,000 active users, plans are in the works to eventually offer prizes such as $10,000 cash, free cars, free trips, up to 50 free iPhones, and as many as a thousand movie tickets.


Maybe you’ve already been hungry to know what the new “Big Pizza Sliders” from Pizza Hut are all about, or you’d be interested to learn how your body heals by meditating, courtesy of Meditate App. Now you can satisfy your curiosity and possibly take home free deals by finishing easy tasks here on Freepion – or by visiting them on Facebook and Twitter. If you think their design is ingenious and want to jump on the bandwagon early, find more information about how to place an ad or contact Freepion here.


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