How to submit? – Create Multimedial Geo-applications

GeoTracing.comA newly-launched software platform, GeoTracing enables the user to create what are termed “multimedial geo-applications”. These are applications that allow the user to tell a multimedial story about their movements through different landscapes.

Every mean of transportation is taken into account, be it foot, bike or car.

The applications that have been developed with GeoTracing are listed on the main page, and forthcoming applications also have their own space. By way of example, some of the available applications include the ones titled “TraceLand” and “GeoSailing”.

Furthermore, the user can register and download the featured MobiTracer mobile client, a personalized Java application which runs on a cellphone. This application makes for reading GPS location data from a GPS module and sending it to a server. Using this information, the routes followed by MobiTracers can be viewed by others. Moreover, track-annotations can be sent for reference purposes.

A mailing list is available, and it will be of interest both to first-time users and developers everywhere. Just submit your e-mail address when prompted if you want to join it. In Their Own Words

“GeoTracing is a software platform for creating multimedial geo-applications. These applications have in common that they allow you to tell your multimedial story about your movement through the landscape, whether on foot, skates, by bike or other means.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes good use of the latest technological advances to provide a flexible tool.

Some Questions About

Is it easy to set up and use? What features will be added in the foreseeable future?

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