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Geo-Brand.comPresented by WatchMouse, GeoBrand is an emerging service that lets the user monitor and identify any case of online brand abuse that might occur. From a technical point of view, GeoBrand monitors the search results of all major engines on the WWW today, and in the event a competitor is employing keywords that infringe on you own trademark then you will not only be alerted about that – you will also learn more about how is that offense perceived in legal terms and dealt with in the country that it is taking place.

This will let you figure out the best course of legal action that you could take.

So far, about 30 countries are extensively supported. GeoBrand comes complete with a dashboard that will let you store all the evidence you could eventually need for filing a complaint or taking legal action of any kind. Besides, a complex filtering mechanism will let you see the most relevant brand abuse cases and focus on these only.

PPC advertisement in Google, Yahoo and Bing is actively monitored so far, and taken as a whole the entire application stands as a supple solution for managing the standing and reputation of any brand. Let’s just hope that more and more countries are added to the list of featured ones soon. In Their Own Words

“Powered by WatchMouse, GeoBrand monitors pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing in over 30 countries to assist in identifying online trademark and brand abuse.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes tracking and detecting abuse cases something intuitive and cost-effective. And it also provides the owner of the brand with the resources for taking legal action on the spot.

Some Questions About

How will this platform evolve from this point onwards?

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