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Genesys.orgAs one of Michigan’s leading healthcare providers, Genesys is a network of medical campuses, primary care facilities and other miscellanea health-related institutions and practices. By visiting this site, users will be able to learn all about the company and its products, find a doctor in their area and also read lots of interesting health and wellness related articles.

Catching up with a new trend of hospitals presenting pictures of babies recently born, you can visit Genesys’ “web nursery” to meet the little boys and girls, and order prints of pictures, provided that parents have allowed those pictures to be uploaded to the site. Also interesting about this site is that it provides a very comprehensive patient service area, where users can request quotes for procedures, enquire about bills or manage their personal details, like address or insurance company change. I was hoping this site to have pre-registration services, which is a feature similar sites are offering and which allow users to enquire about test preparation and fill in forms online in order to save time when they show up for their appointment or procedure, but no such thing is available from for the time being.

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