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GameGround.comGameGround is a social site for gamers. PC games, Web games, Facebook games, Flash games… people who play any of these can resort to this site in order to become connected with others who do the same. They will be able to interact with each other to the full, swapping cheats and codes and (generally) narrating what makes these games tick.

The site has a news feed (a la Facebook) letting everybody know about who has joined the site more recently, who is playing what and so on. And no site of this nature would be complete without a leaderboard in which players can see who is above and below them, and do their best to reach the uppermost positions.

Besides, badges can be earned and rewards can be unlocked by those who stick to the site and challenge their new (and old) friends time after time.

That is very good, but… should we go as far as to call this the Facebook for games? I encourage you to pay the site a visit now, and arrive at your very own conclusions. In Their Own Words

Use GameGround to connect, enhance, and share your gaming experience.

Why It Might Be A Killer

All the gaming platforms of the day are already taken into account – the public who could use this is really big as a result.

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Which games are more popular with users of the site?

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