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Fyesta.comFyesta is a new service that lets people check in to activities instead of places. That is, users of the site create events like “Going shopping next Monday” or “Having a beach party next Saturday”, and their friends can confirm attendance by checking in to these.

And Fyesta lends itself to activities of every kind. Users can create anything from events to excursions and trips, and have them publicized on the site.

This means that people can know exactly who is attending what. When it comes to a party, you will be able to know if that other person that you’d rather not see is going to be there, and avoid any unnecessary frustration. And you can also see if your friends have checked in for that excursion you’d like to go on, and know if they will be there to enliven the journey or if you will have to sit next to strangers for the best part of it.

Besides, Fyesta lends itself to activities such as fundraisers and even political rallies. So, it is not just a fun application – it can actually be put to the most purposeful uses that one could think of. In Their Own Words

“ is an online service which centers around one simple question: What are you doing next?”. This new service provides the ability for users to “check-in” to future activities (e.g. upcoming events, activities planned in the future).”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let anybody discover future events that he might like to attend, and know who will be there in advance.

Some Questions About

Is the use of the expression “check in” warranted in this case? What difference has the site got to RSVPing to an event?

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