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funpidgin.sourceforge.netDo you know Pidgin (also known as its former incarnation, Gaim)? Pidgin isn’t a funny speech impediment. Nor is it a language forged through two separate languages out of happenstance.

But, it does get its name from the latter. Pidgin, in this instance, is a web creation borne from the needs of chat users who have too many friends on too many chat platforms to keep track of. Simply put, Pidgin is a multi-platform, multiple language, cross platform, instant messaging client that is compatible with AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, Zephyr, IRC and Gadu-Gadu. It features tabbed conversations and buddy lists. Now there’s FunPidgin. Borne as a response to Pidgin’s automatic resizing feature, FunPidgin does all that Pidgin can do, but with manual resizing. You can also turn off persistent window placement. Its releases will correspond with Pidgin’s so you won’t miss out on a thing. FunPidgin and its sister Pidgin work with Windows, Linux, and BSD. In Their Own Words

“Funpidgin is a modified version of the Pidgin instant messenger application. It was made in response to the controversial auto-resizing textbox that was implemented in Pidgin. Current features of Funpidgin include manual resizing and the ability to turn off persistent window placement. Funpidgin’s releases are meant to coincide with Pidgin’s releases.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

FunPidgin provides a good solution for those who enjoyed the convenience of Pidgin but didn’t like the auto resizing feature. It has all the best qualities of Pidgin and will be updated in line with Pidgin.

Some Questions About

Will Pidgin users make use of FunPidgin? Will they like the changes? Or will they stick to the original Pidgin?

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