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Fun2Rent.comSelf-defined as the first peer-to-peer site for recreation and powersports, Fun2Rent lets owners hire their off-road vehicles, trailers and vessels to qualified (and insured) parties. The site aims to let owners generate a profit by renting their unused equipment, and also ensure it will see some legitimate usage. The way works, full insurance is provided both to owners and to renters. That is, owners get full liability insurance and renters are provided with full coverage insurance.

The site itself comes with a slick search tool that lets the user specify what he is looking for by setting down the city he wants to center his search on, and then picking any of the six main categories that are provided: “ATV/UTV”, “Snowmobile”, “Personal watercraft”, “Boats”, “Dirt Bikes” and “Trailers”.

Registration to the site comes at no cost, and items can also be listed for free once one has signed up for an account. In Their Own Words

Peer to peer recreation & powersport rentals.

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What is the closest equivalent of this site for people in Europe? Does such an equivalent even exist?

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