How to submit? – Premium Cat Food

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Friskies.comFriskies is the premium brand cat food presented by Purina that is now available online. Friskies invites you to unlock a world of sensory delight for your pet, by trying all the varieties of delicate cat products it offers.

At the homepage you will find three sections you can access: Unlock, Create, and Discover. You will see that it’s an interactive website which encourages visitors to participate and have the chance to win rewards and have fun with different features. Within the Unlock section you have the possibility to join the Explorers, which is the site’s club for cat lovers. Once you join it, you can access only-members features like wallpapers and gifts. When navigating through the site you experience the sensation of entering the cat’s world. Friskies invites you to explore cats’ amazing senses within the Sensory Zone, and to express you cat’s dreamland with Friskies Pix. To get more information about products and online services, you should check the links placed at the top of your screen.

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