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Friday Tech Top Ten

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And here we are again. Another Friday, another place in the world. OK, I’m actually just in another Florida town (Melbourne for those who care) visiting family and soaking up the gorgeous February sunbeams. And can you believe it’s already February? I hope you rocked January and are on your way to startup super stardom. To help you on your journey, here’s the Tech Top Ten from the awesome KillerStartups team.





1. Super Bowl Apps

“From all the game day events, to news updates, to amazing recipes, these apps are making your 2013 Big Game experience a truly tech-savvy one.”


Check out the top 3 Super Bowl apps here.


2. Interview with Online Taxman Vincenzo Villamena

“All you startup founders abroad, listen up. It’s tax season time and Vincenzo and his team of skilled CPAs are ready to take care of all your tax woes with their expat tax services.





Check out Vinny’s free tax advice here.


3. Top tips for startup jobseekers

“Question: What’s one interview tip you have for a job seeker who is looking to work at an entrepreneurial startup?”


Check out the top answers from YEC entrepreneurs here.


4. Get startup advice from MeetAdvisors

MeetAdvisors wants to connect you to experts who possess these skills and who can give you essential advice for startup success.”


Check out what this awesome new forum is all about here.


5. Commotion Engine Marketing Firm

Commotion Engine is a guerrilla marketing firm that creates fun, animated marketing videos and explainer videos. These videos can be used for online marketing, business presentations and promotional campaigns, social media, websites, transportation marketing, SEO marketing, mobile application marketing, and more.”





Check out Keith’s interview with founder Esther Bowman here.


6. Cheek’d

“Cheek’d is a “reverse engineered dating site.” What the hell does that mean, you ask? It means that, instead of sifting through profiles on a normal dating site and hoping that you have chemistry with your top matches, you can do exactly what I did that day in the park: give your info to someone you spot in your real life day to day.”


Find out exactly what Emma did that day in the park here.


7. 37 Entrepreneurship quotes from the YEC

“No one knows more about startups than startup founders. While there’s a lot of excellent startup advice out there in the wild, some of the most quotable tips cut to the real heart of what starting a business requires: Identify a problem.”


Check out the slideshow of all the best quotes here.


8. At The Pool

“At The Pool is a social networking site meant to help introduce people to others – not just their electronic profiles – with common interests.”





Keith splashes us with all the deets here. Man, I’m cheesy.


9. Interview with AirKast’s Lisa Besserman

“Here’s my tip for you: don’t kidnap foreigners and make them go into shops with you and expect a tip.”


Find out the very interesting story behind Lisa’s quote here.


10. Trends in Tech 2013

“This is an infographic we created visualizing some of the biggest trends and observations we walked away with in 2012 — and those believe will come to fruition throughout 2013.”


Check out the infographic by Azita Ardakani, CEO of Love Social, here.





Aaand, scene. Now, go enjoy this first weekend in February. If you’re in northern hemisphere, this probably means shoveling snow or de-icing your car. Hopefully you have a fireplace and a hot toddy to warm up to.


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