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Why is it still so damn hard and expensive to have your own website? That’s the question the pros behind asked each other. Not that they minded their paychecks, but they just couldn’t see a reason why anyone who wanted a site of their own shouldn’t be able to have one. Inspiration visited, and they realized that if they build it, you will come.





Get a free website. Your own website. Built for free. In less than 48 hrs. That’s the service FreeWebsite provides. They take care of the content, the design, the setup, and put your personal or business website online within two days. Say again?


Ready To Go

No joke. FreeWebsite takes care of domain registration, hosting, design, and all the other aspects of putting together a website that prevent the average person from taking charge of his or her online presence. And with pros behind the scenes, the sites are lookers, ones that you’d normally pay big bucks for. Best yet, unlike other low-cost options, your site will not see any advertisements tarnishing the view.





Regardless of whether you’re interested in establishing a professional presence online, representing an organization, launching an e-commerce business or otherwise, a website is already commonplace if not essential. This hardly means that everyone is willing to tackle design and coding challenges.


Learning to build a website yourself can prove time consuming and complicated. Hiring others to do the work can become very expensive. FreeWebsite shoulders the technical burdens while eliminating the costs that keep people away in the first place.


…And the Catch?

There isn’t one. Hard to believe, but true. FreeWebsite guarantees a free-for-life plan to accompany the content and point-and-click website editor already supplied. There’s technical support at users’ disposal, and a very good blog that covers a wide range of Internet topics for further assistance.





Of course, there are more premium services and features available, but the free package doesn’t skimp. For modest fees, FreeWebsite offers help with marketing, (including social media marketing and SEO), marketing guides, and credits for other sites such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Website owners with more advanced needs will also find affordable options for a mobile website, custom domain names, and unlimited email accounts.





Devoted to the Cause

Last year, bought its domain name for $500,000. This price tied for the third most expensive name purchase in 2012. According to Business Insider, the company shared its ranking with,, and


About the purchase, CEO Jeff Spicher said, “Securing our domain was an investment in our company’s future. Our domain reflects our company’s mission to remove barriers to website ownership by providing high-quality, content-ready websites that don’t break the bank.”


Previously, Spicher worked as a senior web developer at The World Newspaper in Coos Bay, Oregon, and he also founded a web design and development business, Coastal Web Innovations. is headquartered in New York City.





There’s nothing a website can’t be used for. Christine Muratore had created in order to raise funds that might bring the 6-month-old daughter of Saleem Khattak (whom she met while playing online poker) from Pakistan to Boston for a lifesaving heart surgery. Without hefty fees and technical nightmares standing in the way, what will you accomplish with your free website?


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