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Free Website Creator – Build Your Own Free Website
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Nothing grabs my eye like the word “free.” It’s an attractive concept, but free services tend to have this annoying habit of delivering lackluster results. Every now and then a company comes around and delivers a service that not only kicks ass but does so without breaking the bank.


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Breathing is necessary and air is free, so if having a website is the business equivalent, shouldn’t there be a free option that doesn’t totally suck? FreeSiteCreator is one such enterprise, and they’re right there on board with me in thinking that having a website is not just a necessity for business, but should be your right based on the idea of a free and just internet.


Build it and they will come…

Free or not, websites are as important as storefronts used to be for old school shoppers. It’s your way of starting the conversation with the public and if you do it right – clients will start lining up. So what’s a bootstrapping entrepreneur to do when they need to get started on building a website so their idea can materialize? is one very viable solution. It is a web based platform that allows users to design and build their own websites for… (did you guess yet?) FREE. On top of being free, the site is incredibly easy to use thanks to a well-thought-out interface and surprisingly snazzy set of templates to use.


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These templates make it crazy easy to design websites for a ton of different purposes, like:

  • E Commerce
  • Classified ads
  • Real estate
  • Reviews
  • Auto sales


Whatever kind of site you’re looking to build, these guys have the stuff to help you. They also have a support team that is available to give you this help whenever you might need it. All this for free? You betcha.



Because nobody is going to get interested in some static digital version of a poster, potential clients and investors are going to expect something more dynamic to work with. FreeSiteCreator has a set of features that enable users to create a real website for themselves that is nice to look at and has what it takes to engage visitors.


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Amongst the more standout features is the drag-and-drop interface, It is probably the biggest game changer. It introduces a more intuitive element to the set up and lets users design a site without needing to be pros in coding or web design.


Other awesome aspects of the site’s offerings are:

  • Content is mobile ready (a total must in today’s market)
  • Your site will be search engine friendly (because nothing exists unless Google says it does)
  • Everything is totally customizable
  • The data stays yours (data from your site is downloadable and belongs to you)
  • Hosting that is as fast as it is reliable
  • Adding things like a “shopping cart” is still free (unlike the other guys)
  • Fast web-based editor
  • You can use your own domain name


We are all looking to save money, but it can be hard to decide what is bootstrapping and what is cutting too many corners. When it comes to getting your website designed and up and going – there is no question that free is better. On top of being free, FreeSiteCreator offers users viable options for creating sites that people would actually like to visit. Signup is free so all you have to lose is the opportunity to save money and get customers. Your call.


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