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Are you thinking of starting your own business, or have you already done so, and are you in need of some free resources? In this case, this article is perfect for you. The process of starting a business can be quite complicated and daunting, and it requires quite a bit of research, planning, funding and organizing. The good news is that you can find plenty of amazing free resources that can make your life much easier while embarking on such a complex endeavor. 

This article provides free resources that will be useful for every entrepreneur who is ready or in the process of starting their business. From websites to blogs, this short article aims to be a concise guide full of useful information and resources. You can also subscribe to a newsletter like Houcks Newsletter and join thousands of other founders and receive tactical advice and inspiration to get your startup up and running. Believe in your potential, get all the help you need through these amazing resources and make your business thrive.


This might sound like a given, but the internet is full of free resources and information, which is useful when starting a new business. To make the most of existing websites, check out organizations similar to the Small Business Administration.


Blogs are some of the most underrated resources out there, as they are a direct window into the lives of already successful entrepreneurs who are documenting their business journey. Blogs can offer amazing practical information, courses, guides and much more, and while not every blog has the same reputation, the majority should be taken into account as reliable sources.

Crowdfunding Platforms

Crowdfunding platforms are another extremely important free resource to consider, as you can raise money from a large group of individuals simply by convincing them that your cause is worth it. So, if you have an idea in mind and all you need to do is find the means for it, this could be the perfect resource to use.

There are many reputable online crowdfunding platforms that make your business idea and plan easy to explain and share with others. Crowdfunding brings many benefits, one of which is getting interest-free financing from your company, which is a great thing to consider these days.

Accelerators and Incubators

These are programs, as well as organizations, that exist to help startups get established and grow into successful businesses. They are a great resource to consult when in need of advice concerning aspects such as funding, but also workspace, advertising and even e-commerce. These entities can also connect you to investors and mentors.

Startup Apps

Startup apps offer many free options that are designed to help entrepreneurs and young companies gain feedback and grow their businesses. Some of them even provide professional documents and introduce you to influential people in the market. They also help create presentations, find a workspace, or design a website.


Another extremely useful resource to use whenever possible is newsletters. These are simple emails that are typically sent on a regular basis, and they include important information on the business, its goals and other related matters. They can be a very powerful tool when used correctly. Sharing news and interesting insights on your business goals and services is a great way to create some buzz around what you do.

Project Management Resources

Project management resources are a great tool to stay organized, plan and manage everything you are working on, all in one place. Often, these programs include scheduling, communication, collaboration, task management, workflow and many other features. If you are working with a team or multitasking, this is a great resource that can help you stay on top of many things at once. Additionally, some task management platforms are specifically created for startups and small businesses.

These are just some of the useful resources to look into when in the process of starting a business. They can help you organize and research, as well as learn and share insights with your future clients and network. These resources are fundamental when starting a business, and due to their free nature, they can be accessed at any time. So, utilize these free resources and create a solid foundation upon which to build your business.

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