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Today’s Killer Startup: Random Useful Websites


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Elevator Pitch:

Random Useful Websites brings you a random useful website with one click.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

This is going to be a totally industry-related post, so heads up if you’re here for something other than learning about awesome new startups. Oh, that’s exactly what brought you here? Perfect! Then you’re going to love this.


Random Useful Websites is — you guessed it — a random website generator. Click on the “Let’s Go!” button and a website will pop up in a new tab. On my first four tries, it brought up Hotel Wifi Test, FillerItem, Midway Meetup, and Covered Calendar, all of which you just might see in a future Killer Startup column.


Part of the appeal of Random Useful Websites is just the fun-factor. It’s fun to see what the site comes up with and then poke around on it for awhile. The other draw, for me, is purely professional: I’m always looking for awesome new startups to write about. Frankly, sometimes my usual (top secret) sources can run a little dry. It’s great to have another site to add to my roster of resources in my quest to always bring you the best and the brightest of Startupland.


And for startups, becoming one of the sites that Random Useful Websites pulls up could be a great way to branch out to new audiences. There’s an option on their homepage to submit your site, so if you think your startup is particularly useful (and who doesn’t, really?) head over and see if you qualify. And even if you don’t, check out Random Useful Websites for the kind of time waster that feels productive (all of the sites are useful, after all), which is really the best kind of time waster.


Fun fact: One of the creators of the site, Mat Carpenter, was the evil genius behind Ship Your Enemies Glitter.



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