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Share on: represents a company, founded and direct by Alexis McGee, Foreclosure.

They’re services consist of providing US citizens with professional advice and aid when the time comes to manage you money, as far as taxes, mortgages and payments go. “Become your own boss TODAY”, they state, assuring people that if they hire Foreclosures, their money management will become less complicated and more fast and intelligent. This site is the representation of the business, through which you can access to a seven-day trial of listings, organizations and service, or directly hire their services. The company only works in the US, and they have and entire area on their home page dedicated to testimonials of their work and news clips, where users can access and freely explore. As an alternative offer, the site offers a free sneak-peek at Alexis McGee’s new book, where she offers different advices related to common and modern issues of everyday lives, and proposes how they can be solved. The site includes categorical organization, such as examples of listings, a newsletter to which you can sing up for, a help area and a tools section. The web page is also equipped with a search tool to make your passage through the site more practical and specific. A log in registration is required in order to enjoy further privileges of services.

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