How to submit? – Take Photos Of Your Food

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FoodJournaling.comThere are methods and methods for losing weight, as this site amply proves. On, people are allowed to track their eating habits by photographing their food day after day.

These food journals can then be reviewed whenever you want, and also shared with everybody else through the site. The idea is that people will be able to offer you their insight on what you are eating, and advice you on your dieting ways.

Journal entries are created by sending out an email whose subject acts as the title of the entry, and tags can be extensively used. For example, if the message starts with #[number] calories then the application will know where to look for the calorie count for that entry. But these are optional – the only thing that should be included for an entry to be created is the photo of what you are eating.

This site can be used for free, and accounts are created without having to fill any kind of form or supply personally identifiable information. In Their Own Words

Lose more weight by photographing your food!

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you have tried one method after the other for losing weight and it was all to no avail, then this is certainly an interesting alternative.

Some Questions About

What about offering people a larger set of stats? What about letting them submit their photos in even more ways?

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