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Food2Dorm.comFood2Dorm is a brand-new online marketplace. It is aimed at college students, and the basic premise is letting them purchase everything that they might need while at school.

This goes from food and clothes to health & beauty products, and anything that might lie in between. The actual categories are browseable as if it all were a supermarket, and an “All Aisles” section will enable you to see everything at once.

One of the best features of the site is that parents are allowed to keep an eye on what their sons and daughters are buying, without ever getting to invasive. That is, parents can go online by entering their sons or daughters email addresses and uploading money into their accounts. This money can then be spent on anything at Food2Dorm, and this is all the more appealing to them since they will know that their money is going to food and not beer or partying. This can also be taken a step further, and parents can create an account for shopping for their sons and have the items shipped directly to their doorsteps.

The role a site like this one can eventually occupy is evident. A significant number pf college students don’t have a car, or the grocery store is very over priced. If this site catches on, it can become a one stop shop. Since the width and breadth of the country is already covered, it will be instantly usable by mostly everybody. Besides, new categories (such as dorm and apartment furnishings) are being constantly added. In Their Own Words

“Food2Dorm is a one of a kind online grocery store for college students by college students! We are based out of Columbus, Ohio and we service students throughout the United States. Our goal is to provide a service to college students that offers a great selection at an affordable price. We understand that most students don’t have transportation or time to run out and get groceries or other items for their residences. Food2Dorm wanted to simplify student’s lives without costing them a fortune. We have stocked thousands of popular items that college students love today. We look forward to serving you and thank you for visiting Food2Dorm!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A site like this one saves students the hassle of finding a ride or carrying groceries to and fro. All they have to do is log in, pick what they want and checkout.

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Which are the categories that will be added next?

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