How to submit? – Your Customers & Twitter

Followbase.comYour business, your customers and Twitter are probably the equation that you want to see fully developed and resolved in front of your eyes come what may. Nobody would say that doing so is an easy thing.

However, doing so is made easier thanks to all these applications that let you project your brand on the Twitterverse without having to spend a fortune or a great effort in terms of workforce. Followbase is one such resource.

What it does is to let you claim a forum of your own to interact with your customers a la Twitter – IE, micro-messaging each other out. The one clear advantage this approach has is that everything must be kept concise. Your team won’t have to deal with ramblers of any kind, and that is always good. It will lower the consumption of caffeine and related revitalizers for sure.

Each forum is what the site terms a Followbase, and it can be branded and customized. The tweets that come in can likewise be moved from topic to topic by you moderators. These are highlighted as “Team”, incidentally.

By way of conclusions: Forums + Twitter = Followbase. As you have just read, all the options we associate with forums are accounted for, so that everything will be familiar for everybody from the onset. In Their Own Words

“Customer service & support via Twitter.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twitter is perfect for something like this – its brevity will keep everything on an even keel, and timewasters will be deterred.

Some Questions About

How many moderators can you have at the same time?

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