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FolioNow.comEver decided to start a website and then realize how hard it is and give up? Many people have, it can prove to be a circus trying to get one started and the fees that certain graphic designers charge can be astronomical. At FolioNow.

com they offer the service of helping people create websites quickly and easily, and making them very media rich as well so they show up higher in Google and Yahoo searches. All of this is done in four easy steps, add content, add some text, create the subjects you would like you site to contain and then pick a theme. And that’s it. FolioNow handles all the rest. In Their Own Words

This simple, web-based tool was designed to make creating websites an effortless and affordable process.
You can save money using folionow.
Some people are even making money with it.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Nobody wants to pay and arm and a leg for a desginer to do their website for them and nobody wants to spend their days looking for media related to their site. There are tons of people making new sites every day that don’t want to deal with this sort of thing.

Some Questions About

There are a few sites making it easy to build your own site as well, and so many people are satisfied with using their graphic designers as well. What this site offers is great, but it will have to get the word out.

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