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Check Out This New Way To Use Video – Flyreel

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Not sure if you’ve heard, but video is where it’s at these days. We’ve come very far, my friends, since the days when the only way to communicate online was through bright green script on a black background. Nowadays, everyone has a high-resolution video camera stored right in their pocket and can use it to create, communicate, and collaborate.


Those three Cs — create, communicate, and collaborate — are the foundation of Flyreel, a new app that lets people post videos that other users can then add to. The goal of this brand new app is to give people a way to communicate with a more human element than caps, exclamation marks or emojis can provide. And what’s more human than actually seeing someone’s face?




Here’s how it works: step one is user posting videos, which can be about anything. (Some examples from the site include starting movements, challenges, getting answers to questions, meeting new people, and video chatting with new friends.) Other users can then respond with their own videos, creating a “reel.” All videos are limited to being a maximum of one minute in length, but reels can keep on growing and growing as more and more users get involved.


“Today, the only way to respond to or interact with content online is by clicking a ‘like’ button, or by writing text,” founder Cole Winnans told KillerStartups when asked why world today needs his company. “We try to express ourselves using CAPS, exclamation marks and emojis – but so much of the human element is lost. We’re launching Flyreel because when people respond and interact online, we want to hear the emotion in their voice, see their facial expressions and watch their body language. Flyreel does all of this by letting you interact in an entirely new way with people you know, and even people you don’t know, using video. Users start reels by posting videos either publicly or privately, and letting others add videos to the reel.”


The site is still new, but users are already jumping on the Flyreel bandwagon – creating their own reels and sending them out publicly or sharing them privately within their existing networks. If you’re ready to be part of a new way to communicate, collaborate, and create, head on over and download the app for iOS today.


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