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Flup.comContact management applications that are as easy to use (and at the same time as powerful) as Flup never come amiss. This recently-unveiled app enables anybody to handle all his contacts and appointments in a secure and slick setting, using an intuitive tag system and synchronizing everything with his Google address book and calendar. And one of the main objectives of Flup (if not the main objective) is realized by actually enabling people to follow up on all the remarkable connections they ever make. The tagging system that is employed enables Flup to remind users to get in touch with those who have identical interests and objectives.

Additionally, Flup is a multi-device application. Users of Flup can check their data on their home computers, their mobile phones and their tablets, and have access to data that is always refreshed, too. Anything that has been updated on any Flup-powered device is actually updated simultaneously on all the others devices one has synced up during configuration.

And if you are ever looking for contact management applications that you can use in a professional setting, you might like to stop by the OfficeZilla website. That application will let you keep all your contacts in check while easily distributing tasks and sharing files. In Their Own Words

Follow-ups made easy.

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What about giving Flup some business-oriented features? If that happens, will these come at a cost?

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