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Fliiby.comFliiby stands for File Library: a unique, unified and simple way for file uploading, categorizing and sharing. Being developed for user friendly experience and simplicity in mind makes time at Fliiby positive as possible.

Multiupload up to 100 files at once. Different file types and extension supported. Easy describe and categorize your uploaded files, make them private or disable download for audio and videos. Manage your folders and files, edit, share or delete them. Rate on files, add comments, flag copyrighted material, download original files, and browse through system, folders and user pages. Preview your videos, audio, flash and images through pages or build in player in upload and management page. In Their Own Words

“Fliiby is built for digital artists, content makers and publishers. It is all about user generated content. Web has become somehow big and messy. At times so unorganized. Fliiby is our attempt to organize it a little bit. To put things in the right place, under the same box.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Simple, cute and accessible. A lot of content, great functionalities like public file browse, community network and multiupload. World needs this type of File Library. Its content and value will be precious for generations to come.

Some Questions About

And yet we keep wonder, what will Fliiby look like couple of years from now on?

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