How to submit? – Take A Photo of Yourself Every Day

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FlickADay.comIf you or your loved ones would like to see a photo of you every day, this is the site for you. Based on the famous YouTube video of a guy who took a photo of himself every day for years and compiled them all into a video with music, this site makes that process easy (i guess assuming he was starting a new wave of narcissism).

The site and the process are simple — you just take a photo of yourself daily with a web cam and this site will organize them and create a movie widget of them for you. At the very least, your mom will love it. In this age of self-promotion and quests for creating individuality on social networking sites everywhere, I guess this is as useful a tool as any other.

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is no end in site for self-promotion and self-interest on the internet.

Some Questions About

How does this site plan to make a profit? Do enough people really, really want to take their photo every day??

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