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FlatsOnRent.comFlats On Rent is a new platform which lets corporate professionals connect among themselves and exchange information regarding rental flats. The site’s main appeal is that it lets them connect with each other directly – property agents are left out of the whole process.

The listings that are displayed on the site come straight from the flat owners themselves, and you will be able to see them only if you are a person who is associated with corporate houses. You will only be able to sign up for an account if you provide a corporate email. This will validate who you are.

Data of such nature has the big advantage of always being up-to-date. Since the one who submits it is the owner, it is in his best interests to give corporate professionals information which is always accurate.

The site, then, is a resource aimed exclusively at professionals. They will be capable of exchanging information regarding the flats they have currently available, and list their every rental need. There are no other sites that provide such a degree of exclusivity, and that makes Flats On Rent all the more remarkable in the end. In Their Own Words

“Flatsonrent is a community connecting corporate professionals to exchange rental flats information. It is simple to use flatsonrent and meet your rental flats needs of letting out a flat or renting in a flat without any hassles.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a professional platform that is on a league of its own – no other site lets corporate professionals exchange such information.

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What other information are you requested to submit when creating your own account?

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