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Share on: tintsThis page sells Fizzy Wizzies (bath tints). Fizzy Wizzies are colorful, effervescent tablets that fizz up the water and make kids bath time fun and educational.

The large tablets come in three primary colors, red, blue and yellow, and can be mixed together to create different colors. It’s a safe and non toxic product, you can see the full list of ingredients on the page. Fizzy Wizzies is a non food product. This page has reviews of the users that offer a unique perspective in the use and utilities of the product. You can get a free sample submitting an online form. Fizzy wizzies is manufactured in the United States, in Texas. If you join their mailing list you enter in the Fizzy Wizzies contest, in which the weekly winner will receive one free jar of Fizzy Wizzies and two rubber ducks. tints

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