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Fixtunes.comTired of having to manually enter and fix all of your song tracks’ information so that your playlist doesn’t have three different versions of the spelling of one artist’s name in your library? FixTunes will fix all of your mp3 information for you. It’ll automatically fix tracks so that they have the correct artist, album, title, track, year genre, comments, and album cover art.

You can choose which files you want to be fixed, and if there are multiple options for certain tracks, you an easily select the correct one. This is a lot easier than having to figure out whether you have duplicate copies of songs wasting space on your harddrive or iPod or what the correct title of the song is without having to search the web for the information you need and then entering it in various places. If you go to or went to UVA, you’re in luck. FixTunes is provided to you for free. In Their Own Words

“FixTunes is an easy and powerful program that will fix any missing or misspelled song details (artists, albums, titles, tracks, years and genres), add album artwork, remove duplicates songs and organize your music.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As our music libraries continue to increase, it’s a pain to go through each track to fix the information missing from the latest mp3 we’ve downloaded. FixTunes saves you a whole bunch of time and effort by doing this automatically. Anyone with tons of tracks and an iPod or other mp3 player would find this really helpful.

Some Questions About

Will people pay to get this service, or would they rather continue just entering the info manually for free?

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