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FixOn.Me – Fix Verbal Agreements

FixOn.MeHow do you keep verbal agreements from becoming distorted and/or abused? Easy. You use a site like this one – a site that will let you ensure that the people you are making an agreement with is going to play by the rules, and that the agreement is not going to be modified on a whim later. FixOn.Me allows people to create a text of agreement, and have a code assigned to each person who takes part of the agreement itself. They will be able to make changes by using their personalized code, until the document becomes fixed. When that happens, nobody is going to be able to make any further changes to what was agreed upon. And the fixed agreement will remain online for all to see, for as long as it is needed.

On the whole, quite a great way to give verbal agreements a much-needed touch of permanence and reliability. Misunderstandings and /or abuses should be kept reasonable out of the picture thanks to it.

FixOn.Me In Their Own Words

Fix everything on!

Why FixOn.Me It Might Be A Killer

It will you make verbal agreements that will be as trustworthy as written ones.

Some Questions About FixOn.Me

What else can this site be used for? FixOn.Me

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