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Pump, Pump, Pump It UP! FIT Radio Rocks Your Workout

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Everyone has a workout mix, right? There’s just something about that perfect blend of bass and melody that pushes you through the hardest parts of your routine. The thing is, making that mix can be time consuming if you do it beforehand or kind of distracting when you’re mid-workout and current music streaming sites aren’t programmed to play just the blood pumping stuff.


Well, now you don’t have to worry about it because FIT Radio has all of that taken care of.





FIT Radio matches songs by beat per minute as well as genre, meaning you just pick the type of music you like and you’re good to go. The beat per minute matching means that you’ll never be caught out by a sad-bastard slow song mid-run again.


VP Lexi Bellassai sat down with KillerStartups to answer some questions about why FIT Radio is awesome, their unique founder, and their current crowdsourcing campaign with Fundable. Check it out!


Give me your elevator pitch. Go!

FIT Radio is a web and mobile application that streams DJ engineered music of all genres designed to amp your workout. Now, you can just push play and go without the headache of downloading music for your workout!


Who are the forces behind FIT Radio? What inspired them to get this project going?

Russell Greene has been a partner and operating manager at opera nightclub, voted as one of the top 3 nightclubs in the country by nightclub and bar magazine, since it opened. After receiving multiple requests for live DJ mixes from his staff, friends, clients, and partygoers, he realized there was a huge, untouched market right at his fingertips.


Having made strong relationships with hundreds of DJs across the country, working as an executive operator within the club environment where he has become familiar with the market for club music, and the fact that this music is not made readily available to the public, the decision to found FIT Radio was an easy one for Russell.  His professional relationships combined with his established knowledge base in the nightlife industry have functioned as springboards for Russell, who in turn has drawn upon these experiences to boost FIT Radio into its initial stages of development and success.





What’s your position with FIT Radio?

I am the VP of FIT Radio and I have been working on the project since the very beginning in 2010. I started working with Rusty as his Executive Assistant and when he needed someone to take over and help him run FIT Radio, he asked me.


How many people are on your team?

We have 6 people in the office, hundreds of DJs, and multiple developers on our team.


Where are you located?

We are located in Atlanta.


How is the startup scene there?

I wouldn’t call it a scene. I know of a few fitness startup companies in the area, but it’s nothing like Palo Alto. I keep hoping Rusty will come into the office one day and ask us to pack up our bags to move out to Cali!





What’s your favorite part about being part of a startup?

I LOVE being part of a promising startup company! It’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever done in my life. We all look forward to work and get excited about what the day will have in store – in a startup, you never know! It has been an adventure to watch a small idea grow into a tangible thing that has spread worldwide.


In the beginning, FIT Radio started out as a box Rusty was going to put in the gyms around Atlanta. He was sick of paying for advertisements on the radio, and thought if we played club music from Opera in the gyms, we could promote Opera while we were at it.


My favorite part of being in a startup is what happened after that: every day the idea grew larger. Now, we have a mobile app with users using it worldwide. With little to no marketing, our popularity continues to explode through nothing but word of mouth. It’s a great feeling!





How has your experience with Fundable been?

Fundable has been great! They really blew me away with the profile they set up for us and their continued support throughout our campaign. I’ve worked with a number of companies of all sizes, and I tend to notice company culture right away. Fundable, as a company, has really impressed me. We sent out an email to our users telling them about our campaign, and within 4 days we blew past our initial goal. Now, we are trying to reach a new goal of $75,000 to help us expand to multiple platforms and add new features!


What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced as part of a startup team?

I bet if you asked everyone in this office they would all have the same, simple answer for you: development. We’ve had more pitfalls than you have time to talk about when it comes to development, but thanks to our persistent CEO, Russell Greene, we haven’t let that get in our way.


Thanks so much, Lexi! Sounds like you have a great thing going on over there and I’m sure you’ll meet your fundraising goal.


On that note, readers, head on over to Fundable now and give these guys a boost!


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