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FishLore.comHaving a pet is great, but it can mean lots of mess too. Ever considered a fish? Think about it: you can have it in the most minuscule of apartments, don’t need to walk it on rainy nights, and it definitely won’t chew your new shoes.

So if you already are a fish lover, or even new to fishes, you’ll have to visit, an informational website featuring lots of interesting articles on keeping fishes of all kinds and sizes both for beginners and long-time fishkeepers. The site is very easy to use, as all the articles are sorted out into categories, plus you will be able to find tutorials, guides and checklists. Also interesting is the Aquarium calculator, which will allow you to figure out how much water and at which temperature you’ll need to keep it depending on how many subaquatic friends you have, plus lots of picture galleries, and a very enlightening section on fish foods, that goes over the different kinds of foods, their advantages and disadvantages. Also take a look at the forum, where you’ll meet lots of fish enthusiasts, who keep a very active community, and who’ll probably be very happy to help you set up your aquarium.

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