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FirstDialog.comFirstDialog can be deemed an online personal branding and social recruitment platform that will enable both professionals and jobseekers to come up with a multimedia resume that is hosted on the WWW.

The idea seems to be giving jobseekers a chance to stand out a little from the crowd, and let everybody verify credentials and endorsements right on the Web.

Interactive multimedia is thus extensively employed, in a bid to overcome the deficiencies of traditional resumes. A resume hosted on First Dialog will never become obsolete or out of date, and all the information that it contains can be tracked. Moreover, these interactive resumes can showcase documents and samples in ways that a traditional resume would never hope to, as videos can be included along with other media.

All in all, we can say that what this company does is to take resumes as we have always known them and give them the Web 2.0 treatment, with a hefty social dose thrown in for good measure. If the concept sounds appealing to you, an account can be created at no cost. Use the invite code A1PH41 when prompted, and hurry – these invitations won’t last forever. In Their Own Words

“Online personal branding and social recruitment platform.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a platform has the inherent power to reinvent the way resumes are conceived and approached – the social aspect coupled with the clever Web 2.0 functionalities make it a winner.

Some Questions About

What will it take for this to become as widespread as it deserves?

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