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FindJar.comIf you think a jar is a container to put your marmalade, then you’re probably not a computer programmer who frequently deals in Java. If, however, the name jar conjures up an image of Java, classes and metadata wrapped in an oh-so-pretty, zipped packagae, ie jar, then you invariably speak Java.

For those programmers who use Java, JAR files are an all too important part of the Java arsenal. FindJar, then, is a handy tool that lets you search for JAR files containing Java classes. To use, just type in the name of the class you want and hit search. The FindJar database is extensive with over 1,950,000 classes and 16,100 JAR files. You can add your own JAR files as well. In Their Own Words

“ is a JAR search engine that helps to find JAR files containing required Java classes. Simply enter the name of the class or the JAR file you are looking for and start your search. can be used to easily resolve NoClassDefFoundError and ClassNotFoundException problems.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Findjar is a great tool for finding JAR files. It’s database is not one to chuff at and the files are free to download.

Some Questions About

Why not add an interactive element to the search so that members can contribute and add to the site? How does FindJar decide what content to include and why?

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