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Find the perfect name for your business with the Business Name Generator by Looka

You’ve got your business idea and you’re ready to start building a brand around it, but coming up with a clever, catchy or captivating business name can be a tricky process. You want the name to be perfect, so it’s hard to move forward with your business idea without nailing the name first. You also don’t want to end up with a name you don’t like and then have to go through a complete rebrand once your business has taken off. Luckily, the Business Name Generator by Looka is the perfect solution to these brand-building barriers.

Looka’s Business Name Generator comes up with tons of business name ideas in seconds, allowing you to then check the domain’s availability, social media availability and even see logo ideas in one click. The Generator provides hundreds of unique names based on keywords, abstract ideas (like success, intelligence, momentum and more!) or industry (like accounting, fashion or videography).

The Generator works just like a Google search: simply type in a keyword or keywords and click “generate” to instantly view over one hundred unique business names. If you don’t want to use a keyword, the website also provides a list of abstract terms or terms related to your industry that you can select to get the ideas flowing. 

The Business Name Generator generates names in a variety of ways and in multiple categories to make sure the result is something that stands out and resonates with your business idea. This includes invented names, compound words and traditional names. Using advanced algorithms, the Business Name Generator generates names in five categories: 

Traditional names – Tasteful, creative and modern names tied to your industry.
Invented names – Innovative and edgy: who doesn’t love a good made-up word?
Compound names – Descriptive and modern names with popularity in the tech industry.
Multiword names – Two elegant and discerning descriptive words.
Real-world names – A powerful, single-word name.

If you find a name that you really like, simply click on it to instantly view logo ideas, domain name availability, social media availability, the name’s online reputation and several other data points related to the name. You can also favorite the name to come back to later. Once you’ve decided on the best name to represent your brand, and confirmed its availability, you can register a domain, design a logo and start building your brand and business!

While most online business name generators either prepend or append random words to the keyword you enter, resulting in generic or random-sounding names, the Business Name Generator strives to make something more human and inspiring. Because choice is key when coming up with a business name, the Generator provides a wide variety of names to give you more power and freedom to choose.

Interested? The Business Name Generator by Looka is helping business ideas come to life with a name that stands out, inspires and sounds great. Visit us at to learn more and get started!

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