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Find The Hottest UI Assets At Hello Many

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Today’s Killer Startup: Hello Many

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Elevator Pitch:

Hello Many is marketplace of the best UI assets — including themes, kits, and icons — from around the web.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

As a blogger, I can tell you that figuring out what theme you want for a new site is the worst. I know that my strength lies in writing, not images, and even the themes that I pick out after laboriously sifting through the mainstream marketplaces never seem to work. Like, seriously: never. I drop a bunch of money on something that I think will be perfect only to end up hating it a week later. It’s like tattoo regret, but with websites.


Hello Many solves the angst that is theme searching by hand curating the best from around the web. If you like their style — and I definitely do — you can find some really amazing work. You know that phrase “sifting the wheat from the chaff?” Yeah, this is all wheat and no chaff.


Hello Many offers more than just blog themes though — including WordPress, HTML, PSD, tumblr, and Ghost themes. They’ve also got Shopify and Magento themes for those of you who are getting into ecommerce, UI kits for designers who are taking a stab at it on their own, and icons for purchase. They’re also working on building up their offerings, so don’t forget to keep stopping in and checking on what’s available.


The site itself is pretty, easy to navigate, and serves up the goods. Ultimately, Hello Many is the hip older brother of your best friend who you not-so-secretly have a huge crush on. He’s smooth, super cool, and oh-so-handsome. Go tell him how much you love him at and never go home with theme regret again.



Theme regret is a real think, y’all. Find all your UI assets at @hellomanyco


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