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Would you rather spend more money on really cool tech gadgets, or less money? This isn’t a trick question…the obvious answer is less money. While items like computers, TVs and video games can be pretty expensive at the store, you can find them with awesome discounted prices on

CompUSA provides daily deals on computers, phones, tablets and more. When you find an item you want, CompUSA will show you which third-party stores have the item available, what the item is currently list for at each store, and a ton of other helpful information. When you’re ready to make a purchase, CompUSA will direct you to the store’s website so you can place your order.

When you get to CompUSA’s homepage, you can immediately see a live list of the top five deals, as well as some of the top deals in certain categories, such as the top laptop deal or top phone deal. You can scroll to see a list of the day’s top deals, browse different categories and stores, or use the search bar to find deals, coupons and more stores. CompUSA makes it super easy to find great deals on some pretty cool products.

When you find an item that piques your interest, you can view the deal to learn more about it. There, you’ll see a ton of helpful information, including the manufacturer’s description, product specs, price history, updates, the current prices at different stores, and more. You can also set an alert to be notified when the item reaches a certain price, or leave a comment and take part in discussions. Having so much information available can help you feel confident you’re getting a quality item for the best price.

Each item listed on CompUSA also has a Deal Score, which the company calculates by comparing the sale price to their editors’ projected price. The projected price is determined based on market conditions and competitive pricing. A Deal Score higher than 80% is considered to be very good (and lucky for you, there are a lot of these!).


  • Free account: By signing up for a free account, you get instant access to alerts, discussions, daily deals via email, and more.
  • Categories: Find deals in CompUSA’s list of categories, including laptops, desktops, TV and video, cell phones, monitors, video games, Intel CPUs, AMD graphics cards, computer components, and XBOX One consoles.
  • Stores: Products are available from a wide range of stores, including Acer, Adorama, Amazon, Apple Store, B&H Photo Video, BJ’s Wholesale, Best Buy, BuyDig, CD Keys, CDW and more.
  • Price and stock alerts: Create an alert so you’ll be notified when an item reaches a certain price.
  • Comments and discussions: Leave a comment on an item and see what other people have to say about it, too.
  • Daily Deal updates via email: When you sign up for a free account, you’re added to CompUSA’s email list so you can have deals sent directly to your inbox.
  • Likes and WishList: You can like an item or add it to your WishList. When looking at your account, you can view your liked items or the products in your WishList.

Instead of overpaying for your tech gear, check out CompUSA for some great deals. Visit to learn more and create your free account.


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