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FilmNet.comFilmNet is a newly-launched online resource which aims to let people connect through video content. The site caters not only for filmmakers, but it is actually open to all kinds of video creators and distributors.

It can be freely joined be independent and professional filmmakers alike, and musicians who want to promote their visual output can use it as well.

Of course, the site makes it possible for people to collaborate and find partners in a setting as dynamic as the one provided by any social site, and in this particular case it is possible to view each person’s past work experience at a glance.

And the ones who consume such kind of content will be capable of accessing fresh video entertainment on the site, as well as commenting on it and letting the filmmaker know where does each piece hit and where does it fail to deliver.

On the whole, a supple tool both for enjoyment and self-promotion purposes. A clear effort has been made so as to have something for everybody, and I think that it has paid off. Give the site a look at the provided address and determine if it is for you or not. In Their Own Words

“Founded in May 2009 and officially launched on October 22nd, 2009, FilmNet is a social community based around video content.

We bring together filmmakers and viewers through a rich content library, advanced social networking tools and an in-depth database with information about film industry professionals and web-based movie-making.

FilmNet provides a platform for all types of video content creators and distributors – indie and pro filmmakers, musicians, film festivals and schools – to exhibit their films and videos in high quality and professional manner. We will help filmmakers to distribute and monetize their work, as well as find collaboration partners, cast, crew or resources for their productions.

For regular viewers and film buffs seeking quality, fresh video entertainment, we provide just that in a highly organized library for absolutely free. Our real-time social networking features allow users to befriend and keep up with other viewers who share similar interests and with the filmmakers who produce the content they like to watch.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As far as community resources go, this one is comprehensive enough so as to suit the needs of even those who have just a passing interest in the topic at hand.

Some Questions About

Will some of the big names in the industry be motivated enough so as to join the site?

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