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Filebox.comFilebox is an online hard drive. That is the best way to define it.

You can use such a solution to upload your files and keep them online for ulterior recovery. The files that you can store in this way include pictures, videos and documents of every kind such as spreadsheets.

And you can not only upload these files and keep them on the cloud, but you can also share them with any friend or acquaintance very easily. In this way, the site has a true social angle, keeping in with the tradition of successful sites as of late. Actually, something like this was to be expected – sharing files is one of the main objectives those who upload them have in mind. Such a use has superseded the upload of files in order to back them up.

The best thing about such a file-sharing functionality is that you can charge those who access your files for doing so. That is made possible through the FileBox profit program, and you can learn more about its nuances (and about the site’s dynamics on the whole) by setting your browser to and giving the featured sections a perusal. In Their Own Words

“Filebox is a powerful website designed to store, organize and publish all of your electronic media. Whether it’s important spreadsheets, documents, photos, or movies, Filebox allows you to store all of these files in one central location. Then, with the click of a mouse, share these files with your friends, family, or business partners. You can even generate income when they download this with our Filebox Profit program. So whether you are an individual or business, stop paying to store your files online, and start getting paid to store them.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an excellent way of not only backing up your files but actually sharing them. And you can even generate a profit by doing so.

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