World of Plushies: An Explosion of Cuteness

In a world often overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of daily life, finding moments of pure joy and happiness becomes increasingly essential. This is where startups like “World of Plushies” step in, with a mission to bring smiles and create a community united by their shared love for all things cute and heartwarming. Founded in 2023 by Franklin Warning, a determined freelancer passionate about creativity, “World of Plushies” has set out to make the world a little brighter, one adorable plushie at a time.

The Problem Solved: Spreading Joy Through Cuteness

At the heart of “World of Plushies” lies the simple yet powerful idea of spreading happiness. Franklin Warning recognized that something as seemingly small as a plush toy could profoundly impact people’s lives. Not only do these plushies bring smiles and joy to people’s faces, but they also foster a sense of community and self-expression centered around everything adorable.

The startup’s mission goes beyond mere commercialism; it strives to cultivate a culture of unabashed self-expression, where individuals can embrace their love for cuteness without hesitation. In a world that sometimes discourages authenticity, “World of Plushies” is a beacon of positivity, encouraging people to show who they are and what they love.

Inspiring Story: From Passion to Plushies

Every startup has its roots in a passionate pursuit, and the “World of Plushies” is no different. Franklin Warning’s journey began with a desire to transform his artistic talents into something more meaningful. Initially, his endeavors in creating animal illustrations for passive income didn’t yield the results he hoped for. However, a spark of inspiration changed the course of his creative journey.

Looking at his artworks, Franklin realized their potential to evoke genuine happiness. With the launch of his Instagram account, he introduced his illustrations to a growing audience, capturing hearts and minds along the way. As followers poured in, it became clear that people were excited about his cute and charming creations.

This engagement spurred Franklin’s next step: translating his illustrations into tangible expressions of joy. The answer was plushies—adorable companions capable of bringing immense joy to people’s lives. Recognizing the financial challenges of turning this idea into reality, he launched a campaign to fund his dream of creating a collection of lovable plushies to light up lives and spaces.

Inspiration from a Giant: Sanrio’s Influence

“World of Plushies” draws inspiration from a company that has mastered the art of creating products and entire universes of joy—Sanrio. Known for its iconic Hello Kitty merchandise, Sanrio’s success lies in its ability to transcend consumerism and foster deep emotional connections.

The company’s characters come to life with their traits, personalities, and stories. Communities worldwide celebrate these characters as symbols of happiness, friendship, and self-expression.

The Kingdom of Cuteness

Looking ahead, “World of Plushies” envisions a future filled with smiles and joy. In four years, Franklin hopes to expand the plushie collection beyond its original lineup of 10 characters to include a diverse range of 30 to 40 adorable animals. This growth is driven by the belief that more characters mean more opportunities to spread happiness and build a stronger community.

Franklin’s dream extends beyond just selling plushies; he aspires to create small communities around each character, fostering connections among people with a passion for cuteness. The vision is clear: “World of Plushies” will be a place to buy delightful companions and a realm where people can gather, connect, and celebrate the beauty of life’s simple joys.


“World of Plushies” is more than an online shop selling cuddly toys; it’s a movement that champions the power of cuteness to brighten lives and connect souls. Founded on the premise of spreading happiness and self-expression, this startup has the potential to create a world where joy knows no bounds. As the journey unfolds, Franklin Warning’s determination and creativity promise to shape a future where plushies aren’t just toys but messengers of pure delight.

Featured Image Credit: Noah the Tiger from Plushies; Thank you!