Trackey: Target Surveys and Actionable Customer Feedback

Understanding customers’ needs and preferences is crucial for success. However, gathering accurate and actionable customer feedback can be a challenge, especially for non-technical individuals. This is where Trackey, a startup founded in 2023, comes in to simplify the process of launching in-app targeted surveys and collecting valuable insights to improve products and enhance customer experiences.

Trackey aims to be the easiest tool for non-tech people to collect customer feedback through targeted surveys. With Trackey, businesses can reach users at the right moment and on the right channel, ensuring highly contextual insights that help shape product development and optimize the customer journey. By leveraging the power of in-app surveys, Trackey enables businesses to engage with their customers directly and obtain actionable feedback.

One of the key features of Trackey is its ability to sync integrations with various tech stacks, enabling businesses to send and collect data across their entire ecosystem. By seamlessly integrating with other platforms, Trackey facilitates the personalization of each customer journey, empowering companies to create tailored experiences based on user feedback. This ensures that businesses can close customer feedback loops and implement data-driven improvements.

The inspiring story behind Trackey lies in its evolution from a previous startup called Clickout. Originally focused on creating personalized cancellation flows for subscription companies, the Trackey team recognized the need to pivot due to platform risks and the size of the market. This decision led them to develop Trackey as a customer feedback platform, driven by their commitment to providing valuable solutions to businesses and enhancing customer experiences.

When it comes to companies that Trackey looks up to, Gumroad stands out. Gumroad’s approach to creating profitable and scalable businesses resonates with the founders. They admire Gumroad CEO Sahil Lavingia’s philosophy of building businesses without the constraints of traditional structures, such as meetings, deadlines, and full-time employees. Sahil’s book, “The Minimalist Entrepreneur,” is a favorite among the Trackey team and serves as a source of inspiration. Additionally, Trackey admires other SaaS companies like ConvertKit, VEED, Metricool, Buffer, and various bootstrapped SaaS companies that have successfully built sustainable and impactful businesses.

Looking ahead, Trackey envisions becoming the go-to customer feedback platform specifically tailored for SaaS companies. Their vision centers around helping businesses identify user pain points, understand customer goals, and provide effective solutions to address those pain points. In four years, Trackey aims to be a small yet profitable company with continuous growth, serving as a valuable resource for SaaS businesses seeking to enhance their customer feedback processes.

In conclusion, Trackey empowers businesses to close customer feedback loops through in-app targeted surveys and actionable insights. By providing an intuitive platform for launching surveys and syncing with existing tech stacks, Trackey simplifies the collection of customer feedback and enables data-driven improvements. With a vision focused on helping SaaS companies understand user pain points and deliver better solutions, Trackey strives to be a valuable customer feedback platform in the years to come.