TestGrid: Becoming the AWS for Testing with Complete Infrastructure Solutions

The testing industry has been buzzing with various players offering their specialized services. However, TestGrid, a B2B and B2C startup, has managed to stand out in this crowded market by providing a truly comprehensive platform for all mobile app and website testing needs. Founded in 2018 by Harry Rao, TestGrid has rapidly grown into a global success with users from over 100 countries utilizing its end-to-end codeless testing solutions on a combination of 1000+ real mobile devices and browsers.

Initially, TestGrid was developed as a scriptless automation tool, but the team soon realized that users sought more than just software – they required a complete testing infrastructure. Responding to this demand, TestGrid introduced its device farm, where customers can purchase the exact mobile devices and browsers they need for testing. In addition, TestGrid provides free software on top of the infrastructure, enabling users to test more efficiently and effectively.

The startup looks up to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its remarkable growth and aims to become the “AWS for testing.” TestGrid envisions becoming the go-to platform for all test infrastructure requirements, catering to enterprises, SMBs, and small companies alike. With its latest AI-powered test automation feature, where users can write test cases in English and have them converted to automated test steps, TestGrid is taking significant strides to help companies test faster and achieve higher-quality app and website releases.

In the next four years, TestGrid aspires to replace single-feature-based platforms in the market and establish itself as the ultimate destination for end-to-end test automation. By democratizing testing and offering accessible solutions, TestGrid aims to empower businesses of all sizes to test more efficiently, ensuring their apps and websites meet the highest standards of quality. With its impressive progress and innovative vision, TestGrid is set to revolutionize the testing landscape and elevate the testing experience for users worldwide.