Sona | Transforming the Power of Music

Anxiety affects over 265 million adults worldwide, while sleep disorders plague around 70 million adults in the United States alone. Additionally, a staggering 83% of workers in the United States report experiencing job-related stress. These statistics highlight the pressing need for innovative solutions that address mental health challenges and provide effective relief. That’s where Sona comes in, offering a unique approach to mental well-being through the power of music.

Founded in 2019 by Neal Sarin, Sona is on a mission to revolutionize mental health care with its groundbreaking concept of “music as medicine.” By harnessing the therapeutic qualities of music, Sona aims to provide individuals with accessible and effective tools to combat anxiety, improve sleep, and reduce stress.

Sarin’s personal journey inspired the creation of Sona. He began practicing focused-based meditation in 2010, which helped alleviate his stress levels. However, he recognized that achieving significant results required time, practice, and financial investment. Motivated to develop an alternative solution that could generate similar benefits more easily and affordably, Sarin spent four years refining a music composition formula designed to increase alpha brain wave activity, promoting relaxation and a sense of calm. In 2019, he founded Sona as an independent record label and launched his transformative vision to the world.

Since its inception, Sona has made remarkable progress. The company launched its app in 2021, gaining recognition and accolades along the way. In 2022, Sona was honored with the CES Innovation Award, a prestigious acknowledgment of its innovative approach to mental health. The startup’s dedication to excellence and commitment to delivering high-quality products resonated with both users and industry experts.

Sona’s impact has been felt far and wide. The startup received widespread media attention, with features in prominent outlets such as the BBC, RollingStone, cNET, CheddarTV, and the Daily Mail. This recognition has helped Sona reach a larger audience and create awareness about the transformative potential of its music-based therapy.

Furthermore, Sona’s credibility is strengthened by its successful partnerships with renowned institutions. The company conducted two research studies in collaboration with UC Berkeley and Nielsen, showcasing the ability of its music to relieve anxiety. These studies provided valuable scientific validation and further solidified Sona’s position as a trailblazer in the field of music therapy.

Looking to the future, Sona draws inspiration from another iconic brand, Nike. Known for its commitment to excellence and innovative products, Nike has set the bar high for success. Sona aspires to embody a similar culture of excellence while continually pushing boundaries and setting trends in the mental health industry.

In four years, Sona envisions a future where its music-based digital therapy solutions have transformed the landscape of mental health care. The startup plans to expand its team, strengthen its brand, and significantly increase its user base. Sona also aims to conduct further research to deepen its understanding of how its music affects the brain and explore new markets and territories to reach even more listeners.

With its unwavering dedication to improving mental well-being through the power of music, Sona is poised to make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals worldwide. By merging technology, neuroscience, and the therapeutic qualities of music, Sona is unlocking a new era of mental health care that is accessible, effective, and inspiring.