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Snappy Lock | Patented Accessory Production

Quick Information

Startup Founders:

Ferrari Gianluca

Startup one-liner:

The best accessories for your devices


Problem the startup solves:

My product was created with the purpose of making the daily use of all our devices more comfortable. In addition, in addition to making them comfortable and safe, I also made them Cool 😎

Progress and Current Status:

The products are all prototypes printed with 3D printers. All possible tests have been done and the product is ready to be mass produced. In the end the material will be nylon and fiberglass. This will make it even more resistant 💪

What is a Crazy Story about the Startup?:

In 2019 I asked a specialized company to design a mechanism for interchangeable jewelry. I asked for a maximum thickness of 2mm. After about three months of various meetings, they finally told me that it was impossible to make a mechanism with the features I wanted in 2mm. We argued and I left angry, but before I promised him that I would do it myself and it would be 1.5mm thick. It was November. The time to learn how to use AutoCAD through YouTube and I started to make some drawings. On January 17, 2020, I finished the design that I then patented. A bracelet with interchangeable charms with the 1.5mm mechanism.

I tried to write just one story but later on I would have had problems explaining more

• April 2019 and the first prototype of the bracelet is ready
• May 2019 collaborate with a master jeweler and stop designing because I was not capable and I was doing it in 2d
• May 2020 collaborate with a company to develop Snappy Lock
• November 2020 company leaves because it can’t develop the project in the agreed upon time. They had only made a prototype that would never have been able to work because it was badly made at the base
• December 2021 I download Fusion 360 and start tutorials on YouTube
• End of May 2021 line finished with a perfected mechanism

What is a Company the Startup Looks Up to, and Why?:

Even if you don’t use its products, the reference brand is Apple. The reason is simple. They have managed to involve their customers so much that now the product is in second place. You buy Apple a priori. I love their closed system of products that only talk to each other. My idea is the same. Offer a product different from all those on the market, with its own identity. At the base is my exhaustive search for perfection… A practically perfect mechanism! Fast… it hooks with a slight pressure Convenient… just one finger to unhook it Safe… the steel safety lever An entire line of supports to be present at all times of the day. The goal is to offer the customer from the start the most complete catalog on the market, in order to try to outdo the competition…

The Company in Four Years Will Be…

The patent was born on a bracelet, so it’s useless for me to deny that the next project will be jewelry. I have been collaborating since May 2019 with a Master Jeweler from Valenza. With him we have created silver jewelry and fashion accessories. These in July 2020 ended up on the table of an important Swiss watch and jewelry company… but that’s another story. However, as soon as possible I will put on the market a line of jewelry with interchangeable silver charms Made in Italy… and I assure you that they will be truly beautiful ❤️ I would show you some designs but since you never know who might call someone, it’s better if I keep them for the moment just for me 😁

I’ve made so many designs in different sectors that in four years maybe I’ll have expanded the Snappy Lock line, I’ll have made a line of silver jewelry, and I’ll be developing a furniture project to take to Ikea (or to produce personally 😉)

Ah, and then definitely windows. They robbed my house using a simple screwdriver. If the window had been made with my patented tightening system, they could have never broken in.


Author : Tom Heien

Admin at KillerStartups. Loves to talk about artificial intelligence, automation, and the future of the internet.

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