SnapFIT Tech: Your Portable Office for the Mobile Workforce

In today’s fast-paced world, flexibility and mobility are essential for professionals who work on the go. Milan-based startup SnapFIT Tech aims to revolutionize the way we work by developing a modular system of laptop accessories that cater to the needs of mobile workers. With their innovative product, SnapFIT Tech enables individuals to have a compact, pocket-sized office that addresses common challenges encountered while working remotely.

The problem SnapFIT Tech tackles is the need for a versatile and efficient solution for mobile professionals. The SnapFIT system consists of four interconnected modules: a power bank, a hotspot, an adapter, and a speaker. These modules, held together by magnets, allow for seamless charging, easy portability, and a functional workspace. Whether it’s ensuring uninterrupted laptop charging, providing a reliable internet connection, facilitating outdoor meetings, or reducing cable clutter, SnapFIT Tech has the solution.


One of the key advantages of SnapFIT is its focus on convenience and portability. The modular design allows users to customize their setup based on their specific requirements. The compact size and interconnectivity of the modules make it easy to carry and assemble, creating a truly mobile office experience. With SnapFIT, professionals can break free from geographical barriers and have everything they need to stay connected and productive while on the move.

Founded in 2021, SnapFIT Tech is the brainchild of Federico Drei, Martino Prati, and Riccardo Bosisio. Federico Drei, the COO and founder, oversees the project’s growth and internal operations. Martino Prati, the PMO, focuses on strategic analysis, monitoring activities, and developing new business lines. Riccardo Bosisio, the product designer, handles the vertical aspects of the product, from design to engineering and manufacturing relationships.


Despite the challenges of manufacturing hardware in Europe, particularly in Italy, SnapFIT Tech remains committed to producing their products locally. By doing so, they maintain control over quality and production processes. After facing closed doors and the possibility of abandoning their dream, SnapFIT Tech secured investors who believed in their vision. This support allowed them to prepare for their Kickstarter campaign, which is set to launch on June 7, 2023.

SnapFIT Tech draws inspiration from various companies to shape its brand identity and communication style. The minimalistic style of Nothing’s products, characterized by sharp black and white contrasts, influences SnapFIT’s design approach. From B&O, SnapFIT Tech embraces the focus on sensory involvement, user experience, and the tactile sensations that materials transmit. The concept of “nice to have” from the brand Iqos resonates with SnapFIT Tech, as they strive to create a product that reflects the personality and lifestyle of its users.


Looking ahead, SnapFIT Tech envisions a future where they have a stable direct-to-consumer e-commerce channel catering to digital nomads and mobile workers within four years. Additionally, they plan to explore alternative business channels, such as selling their product to companies for distribution to customers and employees as a corporate benefit in offices and co-working spaces. On the physical side, SnapFIT Tech aims to establish sales corners within co-working spaces, making their product readily available for use in shared work environments.

As the demand for remote work and flexible solutions continues to grow, SnapFIT Tech is poised to make a significant impact. With their modular system and commitment to providing a portable office experience, SnapFIT Tech is empowering mobile professionals to work efficiently and comfortably, wherever their work takes them.