skypig – Tabletop Game Brand

Quick information:

  • Company Name – skypig
  • Year Founded – 2020
  • Website –
  • Company type – Tabletop Game Brand

Startup founders:


skypig creates entrepreneurial tabletop games

Problem the startup solves:

skypig is filling a niche gap for entrepreneurship in the gamification of education market. We are getting students off their phone screens to play in-person, face-to-face games that develop entrepreneurial skills.

Progress and current status:

skypig passed the product development stage of the business. Its first game, ‘Products,’ is an entrepreneurship themed Apples to Apples-like party game where players invent ridiculous products. The startup recently won second place at a university pitch competition, winning seed funding of $10,000. Currently, skypig is manufacturing the first set of 500 games to be sold on campus of the University of Missouri.

What is a crazy story about the startup?

Aaron got a reply from Shark Tank investor, Daymond John, on LinkedIn two months into the company. He discussed details of his business and initial game idea on LinkedIn. After seeing the post, Daymond replied, “You know I like my board games. Keep me updated.” It was awesome to see a big shark giving encouragement to an early entrepreneur. Who Knows? You may be seeing skypig on ABC’s Shark Tank in a future episode.

What is a company the startup looks up to, and why?

skypig looks up to Exploding Kittens and their successes. While being fun and hilarious, Exploding Kittens also had a genius word of mouth marketing campaign, and a certain uniqueness to their games and brand. Thinking outside the box is something we admire about that game company. Instead of making another ordinary pirate or war themed game, the company took another route and made a game about crazy kittens.

The company in four years will be…

a household name for tabletop games centered around entrepreneurship and inventiveness.