Shankara Oracle | Healing and Transformation

shankara oracle system

In our journey of personal growth, healing, and self-discovery, finding effective tools that can guide us towards forgiveness, love, and awareness is essential. The Shankara Oracle, the most advanced healing oracle on Earth, offers a unique divination system designed to help individuals heal trauma, forgive themselves and others, and awaken their inner master. Created by mystic and healer Shri Krishna Kalesh, The Shankara Oracle combines ancient spiritual traditions with cutting-edge technology to provide deep insights, actionable guidance, and a transformative experience.

The Shankara Oracle is not just an ordinary divination tool; it is a profound system for gathering loving guidance and expanding consciousness. This advanced divination system offers an array of components, including four oracle decks with over 300 specific and actionable cards, 18 sacred stones, a mystical die, and an exquisitely designed oracle board infused with sacred geometry, ancient symbols, numerology, and Vedic astrology. Each element of the Shankara Oracle has been carefully crafted to facilitate healing, self-reflection, and personal transformation.


The Shankara Oracle goes beyond traditional tarot and oracle card systems, aiming to inspire deep and lasting change within individuals. With over 300 pages of spiritual guidance, this oracle provides the tools needed to uplift and heal humanity. Shri Krishna Kalesh dedicated ten years to perfecting the Shankara Oracle, ensuring that it offers a level of depth and complexity that surpasses other divination systems available today. Its unique approach and comprehensive guidance empower individuals to confront and release emotions, own their triggers, and experience profound self-love and awareness.

The Shankara Oracle draws inspiration from organizations and individuals who embody integrity and make a real impact on humanity. One such inspiration is Amma, a loving humanitarian and spiritual leader renowned for her dedication to serving the poor and disenfranchised. Amma’s vast humanitarian mission, which includes building homes, providing aid after natural disasters, and helping broken families recover, resonates with the values of The Shankara Oracle. It strives to bring transformative change by uplifting individuals and supporting their healing journeys.


In four years’ time, Shankara LLC aims to become a leading creator of oracle and healing systems, offering a diverse range of products and services to support personal growth. This includes software, meditation programs, courses, and a variety of tools such as cards, boards, and games. Shankara LLC’s vision is to bring forth a revision to the new-age movement, rooted in integrity rather than superficial feel-good hype. With a commitment to depth, authenticity, and transformative experiences, Shankara LLC seeks to empower individuals to know themselves deeply, heal at their core, and embrace their true potential.

It emerges as a powerful and advanced divination tool, offering individuals the opportunity for profound healing, forgiveness, and self-discovery. With its unique components, deep spiritual guidance, and commitment to real and lasting change, The Shankara Oracle stands apart from traditional tarot and oracle card systems. As the company continues to raise funds on Kickstarter and gather a strong following, it aims to revolutionize the new-age movement by providing tools and resources rooted in integrity and authenticity. With the vision of becoming a leader in oracle and healing systems, Shankara LLC strives to guide individuals on a transformative journey towards self-awareness, love, and personal growth