Scout: Competitive Intelligence with AI-Powered Insights

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, staying ahead of the competition is crucial for startups and marketers. However, keeping up with the constant influx of competitor updates, product launches, and industry news can be a time-consuming and challenging task. Recognizing this problem, Scout, a B2B software startup founded in 2023, has emerged as a game-changer. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Scout provides bite-sized summaries of competitor activities, enabling founders and marketers to effortlessly stay informed about their industry’s latest developments.

Scout was born out of the founders’ personal experiences tracking competitor news, particularly after OpenAI’s breakthroughs, in relation to their other product, Hurdle. The team at Scout, including founders Rafal Deren and Matt Dennis, noticed that competitor updates and news flooded the market, making it difficult to keep track of what was truly important. Recognizing the potential of AI to solve this problem, they developed the initial tool in just a weekend. After receiving positive feedback from early users, Scout quickly gained momentum and opened for signups within two weeks. This rapid development showcases the team’s agility and the pressing need for a streamlined competitive intelligence solution.

Scout’s core offering revolves around providing AI-powered competitive intelligence. By analyzing vast amounts of data from blogs, newsletters, and other sources, Scout generates concise and informative summaries of competitors’ latest product updates, news, and content. These bite-sized insights enable founders and marketers to remain on top of industry trends without the need for exhaustive manual research. With Scout, users can save valuable time and direct their focus towards strategic decision-making, product innovation, and gaining a competitive edge.


Since its launch in early May, Scout has been operating in open beta. This allows the startup to gather user feedback and refine its offering to better cater to the needs of its target audience. As Scout continues to refine its algorithms and enhance its features, it aims to become an indispensable tool for startups and marketers looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of their competitive landscape.

Scout looks up to Basecamp, a renowned company in the SaaS industry, for inspiration. Basecamp’s commitment to honesty, simplicity, and problem-solving aligns with Scout’s vision. Basecamp has consistently focused on solving specific, tangible problems for customers rather than chasing fads or overwhelming users with an excessive number of features. Scout admires Basecamp’s approach to building a successful SaaS business and aims to emulate its customer-centric mindset.


In the next four years, Scout envisions itself as part of a larger product suite that empowers founders and marketers to comprehend the landscape in which their company or product operates. The startup recognizes that too much time is currently spent on manual data gathering, hindering efficient decision-making processes. By leveraging AI, Scout aims to simplify and accelerate the information discovery and analysis process, enabling users to make data-driven decisions more efficiently. Rather than making decisions for people, Scout’s ultimate goal is to make information more accessible, enabling founders and marketers to gain valuable insights swiftly.

Scout, the AI-powered competitive intelligence tool, is revolutionizing how founders and marketers stay informed about their competitors. With its bite-sized summaries of competitor updates, news, and content, Scout eliminates the need for laborious manual research. As the startup progresses through its open beta phase and looks to the future, Scout aims to play a vital role in streamlining data analysis, empowering users to make informed decisions and unlock their full potential in the fast-paced business landscape. With Scout, staying ahead of the competition has never been easier.