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Quick Information

Startup Founders:

Emmanuel Acheampong – CEO –

Rofy Okyere-Forson -CTO –

Derby Chukwudi – COO –

Charles Arday – CPO –

Salma Raji – Head of Design

Startup one-liner:

AI-Powered Beauty Solutions For ALL Skin Shades

Problem the startup solves:

The human skin is a complex organ and consumers with over 100 unique skin shades and varying undertones struggle daily to navigate. the broad beauty industry in order to find the product-shade fit for their particular skin type.

Choice overload has led to a stressful decision-making process for consumers which has resulted in high customer dissatisfaction, waste of money & time for customers, high product returns, and environmental waste.

We at roboMUA have proved that this is a data problem by revolutionizing the way people shop for beauty products. Our platform uses advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to provide personalized recommendations for beauty products including but not limited to makeup, skincare, and fashion (shapewear) based on a user’s skin tone in the comfort of their home without having to go in-store.

Progress and Current Status:

Technical Milestones:

– Released our revamped web application with over 200,000 image uploads from 115 countries to date and counting. There are about 1,200+ average monthly visitors.

– Launched the BETA version of our flagship iOS and Android mobile applications which has seen over 2,000 image uploads and given product recommendations since the launch in October 2022. Both mobile platforms currently have about 500+ downloads with around 250+ average active monthly users on them.

– Deployed Chrome Extension and Cloud APIs for our B2B customers where we receive over 3,500 image uploads per month.

– Released our Shopify App to allow beauty and cosmetics online storefronts to easily integrate our services into their shopping experience for their customers.

Business Milestones:

– We currently have about 55 affiliate programs with brands like Estee Lauder, Tarte, ColourPop, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Huda Beauty, e.l.f. cosmetics, Dior Makeup, L’Oreal, Gucci Beauty, and Rare Beauty.

– We acquired 2 B2B customers, Nude Barre, and Everyday Girl Cosmetics, for our pilot program which allowed us to generate some revenue while actively building and testing our product.

Programs Milestones:

We have been accepted into and participated in the following programs:

AWS for Startups: 2021
NVIDIA AI Inception Program: 2021
Google Cloud for Startups: 2021
Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub: 2022
LinkedIn Creators Accelerators Program: 2022
Notre Dame Race2Revenue Accelerator Program: 2021
UBS x Luminary Fellow: 2023

– We have received over $200,000 in credits and non-dilutive funding to date.

What is an Inspiring Story about the Startup?:

As a leading innovator in the beauty industry, roboMUA has encountered a few obstacles, such as the paucity of datasets and the need to persuade the non-technical aspects of the beauty industry to embrace a sophisticated AI-based product. The dearth of datasets has necessitated an intensive and meticulous process of collecting and curating datasets for our AI algorithms, which can be a time-consuming and challenging process.

Additionally, garnering support and understanding from non-technical stakeholders in the beauty industry has presented its own set of challenges. However, our team has diligently worked to address these issues by leveraging our in-house expertise in data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, as well as collaborating with stakeholders to understand their needs and tailor our solutions accordingly.

We believe that our unwavering commitment to innovation, a data-driven approach, and a willingness to collaborate with stakeholders has enabled us to overcome these challenges and continue delivering exceptional value to our customers.

What is a Company the Startup Looks Up to, and Why?:

roboMUA looks up to Fenty Beauty because of its commitment to inclusivity and leadership in the beauty industry. As a company that values diversity and inclusivity, roboMUA admires the way Fenty Beauty has been able to break down barriers and make beauty accessible to people of all skin tones and types. In addition, roboMUA looks up to PerfectCorp, a company that has recently IPO’d and has demonstrated the capabilities of AI within the beauty industry. As AI is still a relatively new technology in this space, PerfectCorp’s success serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for roboMUA to continue innovating and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI in beauty.

The Company in Four Years Will Be…

In the next 4 years, our aspiration for roboMUA is to expand our product’s reach to a considerable user base of 10 million individuals, while also establishing partnerships with 500 B2B customers. Our company is committed to prioritizing the inclusion of black-owned businesses in our strategic initiatives to make the beauty industry more equitable and diverse. We are dedicated to pursuing our objectives with unwavering determination, leveraging our proprietary AI/ML technology, and an agile approach to developing robust and scalable solutions. We believe that our long-term vision will help establish roboMUA as a pioneering player in the beauty industry, offering innovative and unparalleled services to our users and B2B partners.

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