RemnantLink: Enabling Free Speech and Free Trade


In an era of escalating surveillance, government censorship, and technological control, one startup is aiming to empower individuals with the ability to communicate, transact, and resist censorship regardless of external circumstances. RemnantLink, founded in 2018 by Matthew Redfearn, is a UK-based software and hardware company that provides an innovative solution to circumvent restrictions imposed on free speech and trade. In this article, we delve into the problem RemnantLink solves, its progress and current status, an inspiring story behind its creation, its role model, and its vision for the future.

Problem RemnantLink Solves

RemnantLink addresses the growing concerns surrounding government censorship, internet outages, power failures, and even war-related disruptions. It offers users an impervious platform that facilitates buying, selling, and communication, rendering it immune to censorship attempts. Once deployed, RemnantLink cannot be blocked, stopped, or monitored by external forces, providing individuals with a means to exercise their rights to free speech and free trade, even in the face of extreme circumstances.

Progress and Current Status

RemnantLink has made significant strides in its development since its inception. The company boasts mature software stacks that are feature complete for iOS, with further work required for the Android app. Additionally, a side-chain operating in test net mode has been implemented, and final prototypes have been built and tested. The startup is now poised to undergo pre-production value engineering and move into the final stages of development.

An Inspiring Story of Determination

The creation of RemnantLink is a testament to Matthew Redfearn’s unwavering dedication and perseverance. Juggling a full-time role as a feature owner for a prominent UK-based video telematics company and providing software development consultancy services for another firm, Redfearn self-funded RemnantLink over a challenging three-year period. The venture became more than just a company—it became a mission to safeguard the fundamental rights of individuals in an increasingly restrictive world.

Role Model: Twitter’s Stand for Free Speech

RemnantLink finds inspiration in Twitter’s recent resistance against external pressures to compromise free speech. Elon Musk’s takeover and subsequent refusal to bow to governmental and media demands exemplify a commitment to doing what is right, even at great risk. Furthermore, Twitter’s decision to release algorithm code, which substantiated the truth, resulted in the company transitioning from losses to profitability. Such principled actions serve as a guiding light for RemnantLink’s mission.

Empowering People and Enabling Innovation

In four years’ time, RemnantLink aims to establish itself as a pioneering force, enabling individuals to exercise their right to free speech and free trade in an environment increasingly governed by surveillance and technocratic control. The startup seeks to be a game changer that allows people to operate outside the system while strategically utilizing it when necessary. As RemnantLink expands, it plans to invest in continued innovation and develop cost-effective devices to reach individuals in every corner of the globe.


RemnantLink’s commitment to preserving free speech and free trade in a world of growing restrictions is commendable. By offering an unassailable platform for communication and transactions, regardless of external circumstances, the startup aims to empower individuals and foster a climate of unrestricted expression. With its progress in software development and hardware prototyping, RemnantLink is poised to make a lasting impact, ensuring that the fundamental rights of individuals endure in an increasingly controlled world.