QOOAD: Exciting Quad Sharing Experience


City mobility solutions have seen significant innovation in recent years, but one startup is taking it to the next level with an exhilarating and flexible platform. QOOAD, founded in 2023 and headquartered in Maintal, aims to provide users with a guaranteed “fun factor” in their city adventures. With the QOOAD app, users can enjoy the thrill of quad biking and explore nature without the need to own a vehicle. The quad sharing service offers a unique and unforgettable experience, allowing users to rent quads for a period of time and discover the beauty of the world around them.

Addressing the Need for Adventure and Flexibility

The traditional concept of city mobility often lacks excitement and adventure. QOOAD recognizes this gap and seeks to provide users with an entirely new experience. By introducing quad sharing, QOOAD offers an opportunity for users to embark on thrilling adventures on four wheels, discovering the hidden gems of their cities and surrounding areas. This flexible mobility solution allows users to rent quads for a specified period, providing a sense of freedom and exploration.

Inspiration: The Power of Automation and Scalability

QOOAD’s inspiring story lies in its fully automated app-based platform. This technology-driven approach eliminates the need for location-bound operations and allows for scalability with minimal investment. With just a few clicks, users can access all the necessary information, whether they are license partners or quad drivers. This scalability empowers QOOAD to collaborate with license partners from around the world, bringing the concept of quad sharing closer to cities and communities globally.

NIU and its Success in Electric Mobility

QOOAD looks up to NIU, one of the prominent players in the electric mobility sector. NIU, a leading electric vehicle manufacturer based in China, has established itself as a key supplier of electric scooters. With impressive revenue and net income figures, along with a strong presence in the European electric scooter market, NIU has demonstrated its ability to thrive in a competitive industry. QOOAD admires NIU’s commitment to technological advancements, such as equipping their scooters with digital displays, Bluetooth connectivity, and mobile apps that enhance the user experience.

Furthermore, NIU’s successful expansion into international markets, with over 1,200 points of sale worldwide, inspires QOOAD to pursue its own global growth strategy. NIU’s ability to attract investments and secure capital further exemplifies its status as a role model for QOOAD’s aspirations.

Global Expansion and Brand Recognition

In the next four years, QOOAD envisions significant international expansion. While initially focusing on the regional market, the startup aims to establish a strong presence throughout the roof region, ensuring widespread recognition of the QOOAD brand. As QOOAD gains momentum and popularity, global expansion becomes a viable goal. By taking measured steps and building a solid foundation, the startup is confident that QOOAD will become a household name within the industry.


QOOAD is reshaping the concept of city mobility with its exciting quad sharing platform. By providing users with an exhilarating experience, flexibility, and the freedom to explore, QOOAD is setting a new standard for urban adventures. Inspired by the success of NIU and its innovative approach to electric mobility, QOOAD aspires to achieve global expansion and establish its brand as a leader in the industry. With QOOAD, the future of city mobility promises not only convenience but also unforgettable moments of fun and discovery.