Oculus Freight: AI-Powered Solutions for Trucking Industry

Founded in 2023, this B2B software platform is not just addressing the challenges the trucking industry faces; it’s bringing about a transformation. With a keen understanding of the industry’s pain points, Oculus Freight aims to disrupt the status quo and provide tailored solutions for carriers of all sizes.

The Problem Oculus Freight Solves

The trucking industry, a vital cog in the global supply chain, faces several long-standing challenges. Outdated, cumbersome, and expensive systems dominate the industry, often requiring extensive training and long-term contracts. This makes them inaccessible to many, especially small and medium-sized carriers. Moreover, newer systems tend to be broker-centric, leaving carriers with tools that don’t align with their unique needs.

According to a recent FreightWaves article, only 10% of small and 25% of medium shippers utilize a Transportation Management System (TMS). Oculus Freight aims to change this by providing a platform tailored specifically for carriers, eliminating unnecessary broker-oriented features.

But Oculus Freight’s commitment goes beyond mere software provision. It aims to democratize automation by offering a free plan designed to empower small companies, ensuring they can compete effectively in the market.

Data fragmentation is another critical issue Oculus Freight is tackling. In an industry with numerous solutions, consolidating data into one platform can be daunting. Oculus Freight offers an all-in-one solution that consolidates data and enhances operational efficiency and customer visibility.

Finally, in an industry where transparency is paramount, Oculus Freight is addressing the rising fraud issue. With the development of secure transaction solutions, it ensures that every transaction is transparent and secure.

In essence, Oculus Freight is not just a TMS; it’s a movement to transform the trucking industry by addressing its core challenges head-on.

Meet the Visionaries Behind Oculus Freight

Oculus Freight is the brainchild of Max Dmytrov, Founder and CEO. With a career spanning seven years in logistics, Max started as a truck driver and eventually established a successful trucking company. His profound understanding of the industry’s operations makes him an exemplary leader and innovator. Max’s vision is to enhance the efficiency and expansion of his business and the broader trucking sector.

The Inspiring Story of Oculus Freight

Oculus Freight’s journey began with a profound realization – dominant brokers often overshadowed the trucking industry’s unsung heroes. The existing TMS solutions, tailored for brokers, often overlooked the real drivers of the industry – the trucking companies.

The question wasn’t “who” but “how.” How could Oculus Freight champion the underdogs, the small and medium trucking companies? How could it restore fairness in an industry riddled with disparities? Oculus Freight’s commitment was clear: create a platform that prioritizes simplicity and understanding, enabling these companies to automate, evolve, and thrive. Against conventional advice, it introduced a free plan with a robust feature set, aiming to level the playing field.

But Oculus Freight’s mission transcends software. It has witnessed the rampant injustices in the industry, from fly-by-night broker companies that disappear without settling bills to cyber-attacks on established brokers leading to unpaid dues. Recent surveys from July 2023 highlight fraud as the top concern for many carriers. Oculus Freight aims to rectify this by building a community of truckers, a portal where carriers can gather insights, reviews, and conditions about brokers and shippers alike. It’s about shifting the balance of power, and giving trucking companies the leverage they deserve.

At Oculus Freight, it’s not just about building a tool; it’s crafting a movement. A movement to bring justice to those who keep our world in motion.

The Company in Four Years

In four years, Oculus Freight envisions itself as the orchestrator of the freight industry. With solutions and ideas integrated into numerous platforms associated with the freight industry, it aims to become the unified platform for most of the industry’s stakeholders. Using AI and machine learning, Oculus Freight will automate workflows, offering functionalities tailored for carriers, shippers, brokers, and 3PLs. Its ‘Whole Shebang’ approach ensures scalability and future expansion capabilities.


Oculus Freight is not just a startup; it’s a disruptor with a clear vision and a commitment to transforming the trucking industry. With innovative solutions, a passionate team, and a dedication to leveling the playing field, Oculus Freight is poised to reshape the future of trucking, one shipment at a time.