NFT Reality: Employee Engagement and Recognition with Blockchain

nft reality

In today’s business landscape, employee engagement and recognition play a vital role in fostering motivation and loyalty within companies. This is particularly crucial for remote teams, where building a sense of connection and appreciation can be challenging. However, one startup is revolutionizing the way companies engage and reward their employees through a unique blockchain-based system integrated with the popular communication platform Slack. Meet NFT Reality, a B2B software company headquartered in Warsaw, on a mission to boost motivation and loyalty with their innovative product called Kudos.

Challenge of Remote Employee Engagement

NF Reality understands the importance of employee engagement and recognition, especially in high-tech companies. The founders, Marcin Sadowski and Mateusz Sadowski, experienced this challenge firsthand in their other business venture, Mobile Reality – a digital product software agency. Through their expertise in blockchain and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), they discovered a groundbreaking way to reward employees with NFTs, leading to the launch of the first version of their product.

From Struggle to Innovation

NFT Reality’s inspiring story stems from the founders’ personal experiences in overcoming the challenges of employee engagement. With their deep understanding of blockchain technology, they recognized the potential of NFTs as a means of recognition and reward. After months of testing and gathering feedback, they realized the need for additional features. This drove them to develop a system where collectibles could be easily minted on the blockchain and transferred with a simple Slack message, taking employee recognition to a whole new level.

 NFT Reality’s Vision

NFT Reality is inspired by companies in the high-tech sector and their HR departments, especially those seeking new ways to engage and reward their employees to boost motivation and retention rates. Their comprehensive tool is designed to address the specific challenges faced by remote and hybrid teams, leveraging popular communication platforms like Slack. By incorporating innovative features and functionalities, NFT Reality empowers HR professionals to enhance employee engagement and recognition within their organizations, ultimately increasing retention rates.

In the next four years, NFT Reality aims to become an independent company, separating from its affiliation with Mobile Reality. The startup envisions serving hundreds of B2B clients, offering its cutting-edge platform to revolutionize HR processes with blockchain technology. By leveraging NFTs, NFT Reality allows companies to create unique digital assets representing employee achievements, milestones, or special contributions. These NFTs are securely stored on the blockchain, ensuring authenticity and preventing tampering, thus establishing trust and immutability within the HR ecosystem.

Moreover, NFT Reality plans to foster a vibrant network where employees from different companies can connect, exchange, collect, and even resell their NFTs, creating a dynamic ecosystem of recognition and engagement.


NFT Reality is at the forefront of transforming employee engagement and recognition through the power of blockchain technology. By integrating NFTs and Kudos into HR processes, companies can establish a transparent, secure, and future-proof system that enhances motivation, loyalty, and overall employee satisfaction. As NFT Reality sets its sights on becoming an independent company, its vision of revolutionizing the way companies recognize and reward their employees is becoming a reality. With NFT Reality, the future of employee engagement is driven by innovation, blockchain security, and a thriving digital ecosystem.